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How do I become an ATA?


To apply to become an ATA you must be certified in both Installation & Maintenance (3361) and Design & Engineering (3321) these certificates must be and remain in date and valid.

You can apply to become an ATA from the ‘SYSTIMAX Training Program’, or by going direct to the following link: ATA Application



Good news, there is no ATA course to complete before application and there is also no charge for registering as an ATA.

Once your application has been approved you will receive an email notifying you that you are now a Partner ATA and an access area for training materials and student maintenance will be available to you, called the ATA Portal.

The ATA Portal is available from your User Home page:


To apply to become an ATA you must be certified in the skill you will be administrating and your certification must be and must remain in date and valid.

To apply to become a SYSTIMAX or Netconnect ATA you need to email stating that you wish to be considered for a Country ATA appointment.  List the skill(s) you will be instructing in and the region, country or countries where you will be holding your courses.