Accessing the course material

Accessing the course material

The course material option on your ATA portal will bring up the list of presentation and handout material that is allocated to the series of courses you are assigned to teach as a Country ATA. You may use this as the basis for your course presentation and students manuals and handouts.

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    • Distribution of course material

      For all the course material needed to instruct a class can be found under your Country ATA portal on your account. There are no media packs in the Country ATA program so these handouts can be downloaded and distributed anyway you wish. You may want ...
    • Can I access the material after I complete the course?

      Once you have completed an online course, the learning doesn't have to end there. You may want to revisit the material to answer a specific enquiry, you may need to re-download a technical document or you may simply want to refresh your memory. ...
    • Administering students through the ATA Portal - downloading material

      Download the course material that will allow you to adminster and present a course. You can do this by clicking on the Download Material tab and clicking the title for the information you wish to download.
    • How long should I allow to study a training course?

      This will depend upon your level of experience with the topic. You should allow time to review the entire course material but this will vary for each individual course so we have displayed a guide as part of the course description under the Catalog. ...
    • How do I provide feedback about a course?

      There are two ways in which you can provide feedback about training. Firstly there is a webcast feedback button that you can click and comment on at any time about course material. The second option is to complete the course evaluation once you have ...