How do I change my company?

How do I change my company?

These days it is rare to work for the same company for life, so you may book training and gain certificates while working at one company but sub-sequentially move to another. Training records can be transferred as detailed below.

As soon as you can, please contact us and let us know you have moved companies. If you want your training to appear on the CommScope PartnerPRO Portal (CPP) against your new company, let us know the name and address of the company you have moved to. If you don't want your training to appear on the CPP, we can transfer you to an individual account.

All your courses and certificates can be moved with you, however if you are certified in SYSTIMAX Design (3321) or Installation (3361) and change employment to another CommScope Partner, recertification will be required to complete the transfer. For these qualifications to be moved, you will first need to book and successfully complete the recertification Masterclass (SP3351 or SP3361R), a full new certificate will be issued in the new company name. Payment for the course will be required unless the new company holds a training passport.

The same rules apply to NETCONNECT training, if you are certified in any of the NETCONNECT courses (3801 / 3802 / 3803 / 3000) and you change employment to another CommScope partner, recertification in the appropriate NETCONNECT course will be required.

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