How many SYSTIMAX D&E and I&M current qualifications do I need as a Select or Premier Partner?

How many SYSTIMAX D&E and I&M current qualifications do I need as a Select or Premier Partner?

Some CommScope partner programs require companies to maintain certain levels of training qualification in order to support the CommScope solutions and warranties.

More information is available on the CommScope PartnerPRO web pages.

PartnerPRO Portal

If you are already a partner or are applying to be one, your company will have been given access to the CommScope PartnerPRO Portal (CPP).  The portal contains all the official documentation, profiles, training records, contracts, warranty submissions and other processes for individual partner companies. If you wish to know which qualifications are needed for a particular CommScope program, then the brochures for each program are accessible from the portal.  If you want to see how many staff need to be trained or how many staff you have currently trained, again this information is recorded in your company‚Äôs partner portal profile.

If you do not have access to the partner portal or are having trouble accessing, please contact your local CommScope representative or email

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