Register for an account

Register for an account

When registering for an account you will have two options to choose from - Company Associated or Personal Account. 

Once you have completed the registration form you will be required to verify your account, an email will have been sent to you with a link. Please follow the link provided on the email and you will then have full access to your account.

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    • How to activate my account?

      To access your account for the first time, you will need to verify your email address. An email will have been sent to your email inbox containing a link. Click this link to activate your account.  If the link has expired, or you have not received an ...
    • How do I upload a photo to my account?

      To upload a photo to your account select the ACCOUNT tab - from this drop down menu please select PERSONAL DETAILS from here you can upload/update your photo.
    • Why is my passport not working?

      If when registering for training you receive an error message when entering your passport details, please first contact your passport administrator to check you have the correct information.  When you first register for a user account our admin team ...
    • How to book a course

      To book a course on please follow the below steps: 1 - Click on this link - and enter your username and password. Alternatively, you can register a user account.  2 - Click on the catalog and ...
    • What to do now that you are an ATA

      Company Now you are registered as an ATA (Authorized Trainer Assessor) you can enrol students onto the Installation & Maintenance course.  You will find the FC3361 in the catalog on the training website. There are two options, the students can either ...